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Become A Trainee: About us

An increasing number of high potentials don't feel tied anymore by country or language barriers and are willing to travel to numerous destinations for a challenging job.

"Larger companies are anxiously looking for ways to attract and retain young talent", says Tom Hamers. "Qualitative young graduate programs offer quite some potential to achieve this". But to set up a qualitative programme you have to pay attention to several topics at the same time. And that's exactly what a group of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs are focusing on with their website "Initially the purpose was to provide an overview of all young graduate programs (traineeships) in the Benelux. Herewith Become A Trainee fills, as we concluded ourselves after our study, a gap in the market."

The website was launched mid 2008. Already pretty quickly the objective became much more than bringing potential trainees into contact with companies. "During the summer of 2010 we launched an online survey with trainees and (ex-)trainees. For this research we developed a methodology to measure the quality of a traineeship. Through the benchmarking capabilities, companies from different industries can evaluate and compare their young graduate program (traineeship).

What initially started as a simple website, quickly evolved to a knowledge center. "With consultancy and practical tips we help companies to improve their traineeships. Companies that want to start a young graduate program can also count on our advisory services.

Praises - Promotional services

Customers say:
For ORMIT it's key to recruit the right people, with different kind of skills and experiences, for the Management Development Program. Become A Trainee has offered ORMIT the possibility to share the 'ORMIT experience' in a personal and honest way.

After having worked with Become A Trainee for several months, we are convinced that the concept and the candidate profiles of Become A Trainee is in line with what our organization is aiming at: targeting, tracking and developing management potential.
Bert Bleyen - Talent Recruitment & Selection Office

Praises - Consultancy services

Customers say:

Notwithstanding our vast experience in organising and managing our trainee programme, the results of this survey have offered us some additional perspective, which we are currently working with.
Bart Hendrickx - Head of Mobility & Career Development

Become A Trainee's benchmark report provides a window on the market of Young Talent Programmes. In addition we now know clearly where the Belgacom traineeship is positioned in this market. The results are presented to our trainees as well as our management. We improve where needed and the successes of our programme are confirmed objectively. The report will go beyond pure paper and will be translated into concrete improvement actions. Based on Become A Trainee's analyses, the value of Belgacom's traineeship programme will increase as well as the satisfaction of future participants.
Wendy Loomans - Belgacom Group Talent Consultant - GHR - Human Capital

Eandis will translate the feedback from the 'Become A Trainee' survey to the new development programs that are foreseen for different target groups. We now know even better, thanks to the survey, what the important factors of our traineeship program are. Building up a valuable network within the company and broad core knowledge of the organization are elements we definitely want to keep. Both for bachelors and masters who are starting their career, we strive to further develop the new programs that offer a track that exceeds the boundaries of current services and departments.
Dominiek Lammertyn - Career path advisor

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