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Testimonial from Cargill - European Graduate Program - Commercial

Simon - Warsaw, Poland

The first time I heard about Cargill was during my studies. Cargill was considered one of the main players in the agricultural sector. After visiting the Amsterdam office with my class, I decided to apply for an internship with Cargill in Poland. After receiving my diploma I decided to join Cargill as an employee. I am now trading soybean meal at the Polish meal desk of Warsaw.

If you ask me for the reasons why I chose Cargill, our discussion is going to take some time! What I like about Cargill is that people are given the possibility to express themselves. It is a company in which diversity is considered a vital asset and the cultural differences are an important factor in the success of our teams.

The other aspect I like is the way Cargill is making a difference in its businesses. The company gives you the opportunity to create and expand new activities.

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